HIFI Audio Cable 2RCA to 2RCA

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This is a high quality 2RCA to 2RCA Audio Cable, transmitting real HIFI sound signal. It is produced with advanced stranding and extruding technology. This high-end interconnect cable uses silver coated copper conductor, which provides the highest conductivity and low impedance. And the high-density braid shield make sure of no noise sound, allowing you to indulge in high-fidelity music enjoyment.

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    ● Material Selection: The audiophile cable features high-quality 24AWG silver-plated copper conductors. Silver has lower resistance and better conductivity, reducing signal loss and distortion. This design provides clearer and more accurate audio transmission, allowing you to experience high-fidelity sound quality.

    ● Shielding Design: The cable employs a high-density braided shield to effectively reduce external interference and noise. This shielding design ensures the purity of the signal, delivering clearer and more detailed audio performance.

    ● Connector Design: Our audiophile cable uses carbon fiber gold-plated RCA connectors. Carbon fiber offers high strength and stability, providing reliable connections. The gold plating enhances conductivity and prevents oxidation, ensuring stable signal transmission and excellent sound quality.

    ● Audiophile-Grade Performance: The cable is designed to deliver exceptional audio transmission performance, meeting the demands of audiophiles and music enthusiasts. It maximizes music details and dynamic range, offering a more realistic and immersive audio experience.

    ● Versatile Applications: This audiophile cable is suitable for various audio devices such as home theater systems, music players, CD/DVD players, amplifiers, and more. Whether you are enjoying music at home or working in the professional audio field, this cable provides high-quality audio connections and outstanding sound performance.


    Connector A

    RCA Male

    Connector B:

    RCA Male

    Conductor Material:

     SCC (Silver coated copper)


    24 AWG




    OFC copper braid 90% coverage

    Jacket Material

    PVC+ Cotton braid sheath




    0.5m ~ 30M, customize


    Polybag, painted bag, back card, hanging tag, color box, customizing


    Amplifiers, AV Receivers, Hi-Fi System, Speaker, HDTV, home stereo, DVD, Soundbox, Car Audio, Bluray player

    Product Detail

    T10 2RCA Male
    2RCA Male Hifi Audio Cable

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