Optical HDMI Cable 2.0V 4K@60HZ

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4K AOC HDMI cable is a perfect choice for in-wall installation. This cable is OD4.0mm, and the connector is slim shaped, which make it easy to go through tube, or ideal for installation where small space required. The conductor of this HDMI 2.0V cable is optical fiber, which allows long distance signal transmission, and the transmission length can reach up to 200 meters with no lag, screen tearing, or motion blur.

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●   The fiber optical cable is directional, with marking “source” to connect Blu-ray player, Xbox one etc, and “display” for connecting TV, Projector, Monitors.

●   The conductor of this cable uses optical fiber, which is anti-electromagnetic interference and can transmit no-loss signal for long distance. Ideal for business audio video installation

●    This is a real HMDI 2.0 version cable, featuring real 4K@60hz quality, 2060p. Transit speed up to 18Gbps. Supports all formats of 4K 60Hz, Including 4K 60Hz 4:4:4, 4K 60hz HDR10, 4K 60Hz 4:2:2, and Compatible with 4K 60Hz Dobly Vision etc

●   Fully compatible backward with HDMI 1.4, 1.3 and 1.2 versions



Item No.:  RH332
Connector Type 1:  HDMI Type A
Connector Type 2: HDMI Type A
Connector Material Zinc alloy cover + 24k gold plated Brass plug
Conductor Material:  Optical Fiber+OFC copper
Insulation PVC
Shield:  foil
Jacket Material  High flex PVC
OD 4.0MM
Length: 1m ~ 200M
Package Polybag, painted bag, back card, hanging tag, color box, customizing


- This optical HDMI cable is widely used for all devices with HDMI interface such as HD TV, projector, monitors, gaming, tv box, sound stick and more.

- Its natural anti-electromagnetic interference features make it ideal for installation for large hotel meeting, office projection, outdoor silver screen, home wiring, broadcast live show.

RH332 4K optical hdmi cable
HDMI aoc
RH332 optical hdmi cable

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