BNC Cables

BNC Cables

  • 75Ω 3G / HD SDI BNC Cable

    75Ω 3G / HD SDI BNC Cable

    Cekotech is a factory specializing in the production of audio video cables. Our HD-SDI BNC cable features 75ohm character impedance, transmitting high-definition and high-bandwidth audio video signals. It is widely used in broadcasting, television production, photography, and other applications that require high-quality video transmission

  • 3G HD-SDI BNC Cable

    3G HD-SDI BNC Cable

    CEKOTECH 3G HD-SDI cable supports the 3G-SDI standard and can transmit up to 1080p high-definition video signals. It utilizes a coaxial cable structure with multiple conductors inside to ensure stable signal transmission. Additionally, it offers resistance to interference, both in terms of rejecting external interference and minimizing the impact of signal degradation