Video Cables

Video Cables

  • S-video Cable Mini DIN 4pin

    S-video Cable Mini DIN 4pin

    CEKOTECH S-video cable is designed to transfer high-definition video signals with low loss. It is widely applicable for equipment with S-video interface.
    Cekotech 811 s-video cable features heavy duty coaxial cable, with OD up to 6.0mm。It connects digital camcorders, satellite receivers, DVD players, PC with TV out or any video source with S-video output jacks to television, monitor or A/V receiver with S-video input jacks.

  • 8K DisplayPort Cable 1.4v for Gaming Monitor

    8K DisplayPort Cable 1.4v for Gaming Monitor

    Cekotech Display port cables are produced with high grade material and exquisite technology to provide ultra high definition audio video signals with affordable price.  The DP01 is a 8K gaming grade display port cable with speed up to 32Gbps, supporting resolution 8K@60Hz HBR3 4K@60Hz/144Hz/120Hz 5K@60Hz 1080P@240Hz.

  • 3RCA Male to 3RCA Male Audio Video AV Composite Cable

    3RCA Male to 3RCA Male Audio Video AV Composite Cable

    CEKOTECH produces high quality 3RCA male to 3RCA male audio video cable. #6432 is a premium composite A/V cable features silver coated copper + 99.99% high purity OFC copper conductor, which provides low impedance and high fidelity transmission. The OFC spiral shield protects the cable against EMI/RFI interference.

    Customizing for cable spec, wire color, customer logo, package is available.

  • 1080p full HD VGA to VGA 15Pin Monitor Cable

    1080p full HD VGA to VGA 15Pin Monitor Cable

    Cekoteck VGA cable transmit high quality 1080p analog HD video signals. It features 3+6C thick OFC conductors and 24K gold plated plugs, together with braid shield and magnet ferrite cores, this cable can transmit video signal as long as 30meters.Ideal use for 15-pin VGA port for video editing, gaming, or video projection

  • No-loss Optical 4K@30Hz DVI Cable

    No-loss Optical 4K@30Hz DVI Cable

    Cekotech customizes high quality audio video cables. Our optical cable series provide high definition, low loss, and long-distance transmission, ideal for commercial project installation. This optical fiber series include 8k HDMI cable, 4K HDMI cable, 8K display port cable, 4K display port cable, 4K DVI cable.

  • 75Ω 3G / HD SDI BNC Cable

    75Ω 3G / HD SDI BNC Cable

    Cekotech is a factory specializing in the production of audio video cables. Our HD-SDI BNC cable features 75ohm character impedance, transmitting high-definition and high-bandwidth audio video signals. It is widely used in broadcasting, television production, photography, and other applications that require high-quality video transmission

  • 3G HD-SDI BNC Cable

    3G HD-SDI BNC Cable

    CEKOTECH 3G HD-SDI cable supports the 3G-SDI standard and can transmit up to 1080p high-definition video signals. It utilizes a coaxial cable structure with multiple conductors inside to ensure stable signal transmission. Additionally, it offers resistance to interference, both in terms of rejecting external interference and minimizing the impact of signal degradation