HDMI Cable

HDMI Cable

  • Premium High Speed HDMI Cable 2.0v

    Premium High Speed HDMI Cable 2.0v

    This is a high speed HDMI 2.0v cable features 4K 2160p resolution with a bandwidth of 18Gbps. The high purity OFC copper conductor provided better flexibility, bending, corrosion resistance. And its high conductivity provides stable and low-loss signal transmission. The length of this cable can reach up to 30meters. ( 20meters and above contains amplifier)

  • Flat HDMI Cable 4K

    Flat HDMI Cable 4K

    This is a premium high speed HDMI cable. The flat design allows perfect fit for installation in all those tight spots, laying along the walls, running through cable management, under carpeting, is also very flexible and easy to install that can be bent through corners or into desks.

  • 8K@60Hz 48Gbps Optical Fiber HDMI Cable 2.1V

    8K@60Hz 48Gbps Optical Fiber HDMI Cable 2.1V

    The HDMI Active Optical Cable features Aluminum extrusion connector and OD4.8MM slim and flexible jacket. The optical fiber conductor provides real high resolution of 8K @ 60hz, 4K @ 120hz for distance up to 150 meters without signal loss.

  • Optical HDMI Cable 2.0V 4K@60HZ

    Optical HDMI Cable 2.0V 4K@60HZ

    4K AOC HDMI cable is a perfect choice for in-wall installation. This cable is OD4.0mm, and the connector is slim shaped, which make it easy to go through tube, or ideal for installation where small space required. The conductor of this HDMI 2.0V cable is optical fiber, which allows long distance signal transmission, and the transmission length can reach up to 200 meters with no lag, screen tearing, or motion blur.

  • HDMI Cable 2.0v 4K@60HZ

    HDMI Cable 2.0v 4K@60HZ

    CEKOTECH 4K HDMI cable is a 19+1 full-pin high-definition HDTV cable with resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. Our advanced wire extruding technology and connection assembly process allow our HDMI cable to be able to transmit non-compressed data fast, and thus widely compatible with all devices that with HDMI 2.0v interface such as projectors, blue ray dvd etc

  • 8K HDMI Cable 2.1V

    8K HDMI Cable 2.1V

    CEKOTECH RH892 is a standard HDMI 2.1V cable offering increased bandwidth and speed (48Gbps) and incredible image quality by transmitting 8K resolution video signals. It can provide the Ultra High Definition cinematic experience and 3D visual effects with more ideal depth, brightness, detail, contrast, and wider color gamut. Supports HDCP2.2 when using HDCP2.2 video source