Will the length of the HDMI cable cause delays?

First of all, we need to understand that HDMI cables are commonly made of copper core and fiber core, and the transmission distance varies depending on the material.


Common HDMI cables are made of copper core material. The longer the HDMI cable, the worse the transmission capacity. The HDMI Association recommends that the maximum transmission distance of copper core HDMI cables under the HDMI2.1 interface is 3 meters. If it exceeds 3 meters, the transmission clarity and refresh rate of the HDMI cable may be affected. Therefore, if it is a copper core HDMI cable, the cable length will affect the signal transmission and cause delays.


Another type of optical fiber HDMI cable uses optical fiber signal transmission. The optical signal is not affected by electromagnetic interference, and there is no loss in transmission. The signal attenuation of 100 meters transmission is almost 0, and the long-distance transmission advantage is huge. Therefore, if the usage scenario exceeds 3 meters and the audio and video requirements are high, it is necessary to use an HDMI cable with the best light material for long-distance transmission.


In general, it is recommended to use a copper core HDMI cable for 3 meters and below, and an optical fiber HDMI cable for more than 3 meters, so as to ensure the transmission quality.


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Post time: Jul-08-2024