Flame-retardant Microphone Cable

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This microphone cable has outstanding signal transmission and high mechanical stability, with flame retardant and halogen free jacket. The conductor of this cable is 2X0.2MM2 OFC (Oxygen-free copper), 24AWG. The 85% OFC spiral shield provide lossless signal transmission even over long-distance transmission. The 2 conductors are well twisted to reduce EMI interference. The jacket of this cable is highly flame retardant and LSHZ (low smoke halogen free).

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● This microphone cable is flame retardant and LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen), perfect for analogue audio signal transmission, and applicable for professional broadcast system.

● The conductor is 24AWG OFC (99.99% high purity Oxygen-free copper), allowing maximum's conductivity and durability to ensure high fidelity sound quality.

● The 2 conductors are twisted, and spiral shielded by OFC (oxygen-free copper). The 85% shielding coverage minimizes signal interference and reduces electro-magnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).

● Package options: coil pack, wooden spools, carton drums, plastic drums, customizing

● Color options: Black, grey, blue, customizing


Item No.  MK201-F
No. of Channel:   1
No. of Conductor: 2
Cross sec. Area: 0.2MM²
AWG 24
Stranding 33/0.09/OFC
Insulation: PE
Shield type OFC copper spiral
Shield Coverage 85%
Jacket Material FRNC-C, IEC6032-3-24
Outer Diameter 5.8MM

Electrical & Mechanical Characteristics

Nom. Conductor DCR: ≤ 78.5Ω/km
Characteristic impedance:  100 Ω ± 10 %
Capacitance 47 pF/m
Voltage Rating ≤80V
Temperature range -30°C / +70°C
Bend radius 24 MM
Packaging 100M, 300M   |   Carton drum/ wooden drum
Standards and Compliance  
Environmental Space CE, ROHS, WEEE
Flammability & Toxicity  IEC 60332-3-24; IEEE 1202;  
Flame resistance  
IEC 60332-3-24


This micro cable 2x0.22 cable is perfect for professional broadcast system to transmit analog audio, digital audio, low cap, instrumentation, control etc.

Product Detail

Flexible Microphone Cable 2x0,22 FRNC-C
2  Cores Micro Cable FRNC-C

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